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Chocolate & Diamonds for a Woman’s Soul features stories of Resilience, Grace and Faith with Contributing Authors from around the World raising their voices through words, and revealing stories that have never been told.

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Tracy Lynn

Tracy Lynn is CEO/Creator of Queen Adventures, a blog designed to empower single women to live “Happier and Healthier Now.” She is also a registered nurse as well as a dynamic motivational speaker. She travels extensively across the country advocating for women’s issues and spreading her common-sense inspiration and empowerment to women everywhere. She has loyal followers and a professional network of partnerships from around the world.
What a fantastic collection of soulful stories! It was very uplifting, heartwarming, empowering, and beautifully written! Each story was an eye-opener for all walks of life. Thank you, ladies, for sharing your amazing experiences!

– Erica

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The Single Woman’s rise

From Pain to Power

Inside every single woman there is a struggle and a story about the challenges she faces. The fear of being alone is the number one fear of single women everywhere. It can be crippling, paralyzing and painful. Find yourself, your story and your freedom from the grip fear has over your life.

Find your escape and your power within the pages of “The Single Woman’s Rise From Pain To Power: Overcoming Your Fear Of Being Alone”

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